Senior Investment Associate

An exciting and varied position, our Senior Investment Associate reports to the CEO, playing four critical roles at UBX:

  • Investment manager for our venture fund
  • Driving valuation across our portfolio: both within our venture fund and studio
  • Raising capital for UBX
  • Assisting in key corporate transactions including the analysis and structuring of joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, or spin-offs/sale of ventures.

This role requires a motivated and enthusiastic individual with initiative requiring light supervision. Positive, cultured, and capable of easily interacting confidently with founders and senior management. Flexible and willing to get involved in many different aspects of the business as required.

  • Value of the portfolio
  • Execution of strategic initiatives linked to portfolio companies
  • Valuation and funding of UBX
  • Deal flow quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Business and value added through structuring and execution of high value corporate transactions

The successful candidate for this position will have the following experience and qualifications:

  • A university degree in business or finance, preferably an MBA from a top business school. 
  • At least 5 years combined experience in financial analysis, managing startups or venture capital investment or private equity; networked in the – VC community. Preferably has experience in financial services, financial technology and the technology industry.
  • Expert capability in quantitative and qualitative analytics, mathematics, finances, and economics. Advanced knowledge and understanding of financial markets. Experience with cash flow modeling and investment valuation techniques.
  • Ability to produce well designed professional looking Powerpoint presentations.
  • Strong verbal and written communication.
  • Experience using a CRM and document management system to organize and manage deal pipelines, preferably experience with Streak and Google Workplace.
  • Excels at organization, time management and attention to detail with the demonstrated ability to perform under intense pressure, scrutiny and demands.
  • Broad minded with a global perspective: opening the door to a deeper understanding of industries, cultures and communities.
  • Social and relationship building skills: being able to deal with difficult or extreme situations while having high energy and a positive attitude that exudes confidence yet empathy. Builds understanding of the needs of clients, colleagues and stakeholders.
  • An experienced professional with thorough understanding of diverse business processes and strategy development. A creative strategist who is also a tactical thinker, always calculating a game plan to scale-up our business.
  • An individual who is passionate about disruption, who is able to disrupt him/herself before others do.
  • Possesses a desire to solve complex problems and to create new and innovative solutions. A forward thinking and adventurous business innovator that seeks to find new ideas and challenge conventional ones. Creating opportunity and access for all by connecting people and communities.