Venture Lead for eCommerce Payments

Company Overview

UBX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unionbank of the Philippines. UnionBank is a top 10 universal bank in the Philippines by assets, with annual revenues of over PHP 25 Billion. UnionBank is a leader in digital financial services and has been recognized as the top digital bank in the Philippines by Asiamoney and IDC. UnionBank has established UBX to build on its leadership in digital: UBX facilitates UnionBank’s exploration and creation of new, digital, and potentially non-banking business models.

UBX’s mission includes investments in financial technology (fintech) companies and other ventures whose capabilities complement UBX’s platform development. UBX is developing platforms that embed financial services into customer and business experiences. This results in financial services that are accessible to a broader community – physically, logically, and economically. UBX invests to positively and materially impact financial inclusion.

Truly innovative financial technology should make banking perfectly transparent in the lives of consumers and businesses. When we talk about banking today, we still talk about accounts, lines of credit, and cash management services. Banking still distracts and interrupts.  Our ultimate goal: banking that becomes invisible, banking vanishes into our lives and businesses. This is why we are particularly focused on ecosystems: we can participate in and build the platforms where we can seamlessly embed banking in the context of experiences for consumers and businesses. Venture Lead Role for E-commerce payments.

This role reports to the President and CEO. Responsible for business and product growth, marketing, and ongoing operations of the product. 

Success in this role will be measured by metrics such as:

  • Maximizing the value of the product and the work of the squad and development team.
  • Ensuring the sustained growth and success of the BUX E-Commerce payment platform.
  • Manage the needs of both the clientele, the development team, and all other stakeholders in the venture.
  • Provide increasing value for UBX through Sustained Customer Acquisition.


  • Act as both leader and team member.
    • Maintain an Agile environment by increasing and demonstrating understanding of Agile practices, Lean Startup, Open Banking, new technologies, and trends.
    • Proactively solve product-related problems, make decisions, complete trade-off analysis to stay on strategy.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and various stakeholders, including analytics, design/user experience, marketing, sales, engineering, operations, and user enablement while leading product management processes.
  • Lead data analysis efforts.
    • Analyze product data to create key indicators of the venture’s success and potential growth in the future;
    • Bring evidence-based decision-making to team communications.
  • Oversee and evaluate product growth .
    • Develops and maintains appropriate tracking and reporting of performance to the existing plan and evaluate for future investment.
    • Continuously reviews the business needs, refines priorities, outlines milestones and deliverables, and identifies opportunities and risks.
  • Drive Overall Venture Growth and Sustainability
    • Build and lead strategic plans and initiatives for the venture.
    • Lead, empower, and mentor the venture team to drive sustainable growth.
    • Be accountable for the overall performance and P&L for the venture.

Required Qualifications

  • A former business owner/co-owner, founder/co-founder, or a senior corporate management leader.
  • An experienced leader with a thorough understanding of diverse business processes and strategy development.
  • An experienced leader who can integrate ideas with the drive and enthusiasm needed to rally the people behind him.
  • An individual who is passionate about the continuous growth and development of e-commerce ventures.
  • A forward-thinking and adventurous business innovator that seeks to find new ideas and challenge conventional ones. Creating opportunity and access for all by connecting communities.
  • An individual who is supremely confident and persevering to achieve and sustain growth.
  • A creative go-to-market strategist who is a tactical thinker, always calculating a game plan to scale-up the business.
  • An experienced leader in Payments and/or eCommerce is preferred.