Establish a fast and secure way to prove your identity so you can perform seamless transactions with just the use of your phone.

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We connect many identity providers to many service providers. It is a federation wherein an agreement is made among the members to allow subscribers of the system to use the same verified and authenticated identification data.

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You will be able to assert your own identity and have full control over it. You will be able to choose who to share your information to, what information is to be shared, and when they will share it.

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We are built to establish a better way to prove your identity in the digital space and address the gaps identified in the digital world.

It will benefit those who have physical identification, but cannot use it effectively in the digital world, as it will enable them to take advantage of the efficiency the Digital AKIN platform offers.

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We eliminate the need for individuals and organizations to always provide physical identification and confidential documents when performing transactions.

Removing this friction will facilitate better customer experience, seamless operations and minimize cost for customers, identity authenticators and service providers.

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