A golden age of eCommerce powered by Sentro as it celebrates its first year

Since its launch over a year ago, the country’s first free online Shop Builder Sentro has powered over 30,000 merchants across the Philippines. Developed by UBX Philippines, recognized as the Fastest Growing Fintech Company in South East Asia for 2020 and 2021, Sentro is an all-in-one ecommerce platform for Filipino business owners to jump-start, run, and grow their enterprises.

As the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed consumer behaviors, Sentro ensures business continuity for SMEs with its digital end-to-end features, and ability to run their business on a single platform.

“It was getting too tiring to capture, track, and update orders from our customers, and accepting payments from multiple platforms is a headache. But with Sentro, managing our business online is a breeze,” said Michael Lu, owner of Agrico Sentro shop.

With Sentro, business owners can create and publish their own online store in a few clicks. It’s simple, free and easy, ensuring easy accessibility for business owners who are unfamiliar with digital and digitizing their brick-and-mortar businesses.

“We wanted to provide MSMEs the capability to set up their own online shop that they can call their own. We want Sentro to be accessible to everyone starting an online business, which is why we made sure that using our platform would require little to no knowledge in tech, making it easy for even the non-techiest of individuals. In a matter of months, our team was able to launch Sentro to the public during the first few weeks of the pandemic. The launch could not have been timelier as it was made available to MSMEs when they needed it most,” said UBX Head of SME Ventures, and Sentro’s Product Lead Bjorn Pardo.

SMEs who are trying to explore the digital space in order to keep their businesses afloat in this pandemic and beyond, have three major pain points: fulfilling and accepting payments, logistics, and keeping track of orders.

“These same pain points that our MSMEs are experiencing are what drove the creation of Sentro and into what the platform is today. We focused on making Sentro the go-to operating system for online sellers by addressing these pain points. Sentro provides our MSMEs with: an online shop builder which they can use to create their own ecommerce website where they can showcase their business and sell their products and services. It provides a built-in payment gateway (Bux) so that they don’t have to worry about accepting payments from customers using different payment methods; and a built-in logistics service provider (MrSpeedy) so that they can book deliveries for their customers without having to open up a separate app or website,” Bjorn added.

Sentro introduced a feature in March that allows Facebook Business Shop owners to link their stores to Sentro. This enables them to convert their stores from a marketing outlet to a full-fledged e-commerce store. Sentro can be linked to a Facebook Shop in minutes, and business owners can automatically accept payments, handle orders, and book deliveries from their supercharged Facebook Shop.

Sentro ensures that business processes are made easier through digital innovation and transformation. Sentro is not only powered by the technology of UBX, but also by the voices and hearts of the Filipino people.

For more information on Sentro, please visit http://bit.ly/SentroSignUpPR or contact support@sentro.ph

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UBX recognized anew as Fastest Growing FinTech Company in South East Asia for 2021

Global Banking and Finance Review, a leading online and print finance publication, named UBX as the Fastest Growing Fintech Company in South East Asia for 2021. This is the second year in a row that UBX was recognized with this award.

With this back-to-back recognition, UBX demonstrates that it is living up to its mission of creating opportunity and access to financial services for everyone by designing solutions for digitally and financially underserved communities.

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) spun off its fintech venture studio and fund, UBX, in 2018, two years after embarking on its digital transformation. UBX envisions a world in which financial services are effortlessly integrated into the activities and experiences that really matter to businesses and people.

UBX’s i2i, the nation’s fastest growing payments network, digitally enables financial institutions and other community based financial service providers. In a timely response to the pandemic and the need to digitally enable distribution and access to funds, i2i built its Mobile ATM that brings ATM services to the community while also providing an additional source of income to businesses. Reducing travel and bringing cash distribution closer to home means safer access to funds while saving ATM customers time and money. Monthly i2i Mobile ATM volumes rose 3000% in the last six months of 2020. In 2021, i2i acquired over 1,500 new financial service providers and agents to the network via a joint venture with the Irish financial services technology giant Fexco.

Elsie Dizon, an i2i Mobile ATM sari-sari store owner partner, said, “Natutuwa ako kasi kahit wala pang isang buwan ang aking i2i MATM business, nadagdagan na ‘yung customers ko. At siyempre namimili din sila ng ilang items sa tindahan ko pagkatapos nilang mag-withdraw. Masaya din sila kasi merong mas malapit na ATM services sa kanila at kahit sa ibang barangay, dito rin sila nagwi-withdraw sa akin. Nagpapasalamat ako sa i2i Mobile ATM dahil nadagdagan ang kabuhayan ko.”

“I’m glad because even though my i2i MATM business is less than a month old, my customers have increased. And of course, they also buy some items in my store after they withdraw. They are also happy because ATM services are closer to them now and even in other barangays, they also withdraw from my store. I am really thankful to i2i Mobile ATM because it has helped grow my livelihood.”

UBX also has SeekCap, the country’s first online lending marketplace, which has the capacity and capability to facilitate lenders in scaling their lending processes through innovative technology, as well as enable business owners to access credit digitally with faster turnaround time and less hassle. Application, processing and disbursement is purely digital. To date, over 40,000 MSMEs have registered on SeekCap and the marketplace has processed over P2 billion worth of business loans.

As ecommerce sites grow in popularity, most Filipinos are shifting to online payments and going digital when it comes to shopping. UBX’s Bux and Sentro solutions empower both merchants and consumers through technology.

Bux is UBX’s end-to-end payment gateway for all businesses – from the smallest casual seller to the largest enterprise. With over 100,000 businesses signed up, it continues to grow during this pandemic. Recently features launched include Universal QR code, digital checkout and Shopify integration.

“Our store J&A Tickets and Tours is very happy working with BUX and Sentro. It enables our stores to secure payments from our clients thru our Facebook pages. We are able to help travelers to save money by accepting payments without remittance charges. We are able to grow the number of affiliate agents we have. We are able to leverage our services and maximize the benefits of our contracts with the suppliers. Thank you for empowering our store in the countryside.” from John Pineda, Owner of J&A Tickets and Tours

The country’s first free online Shop Builder, Sentro, celebrates its first year of delivering an all-in-one ecommerce platform for Filipino business owners to jump-start, run, and grow their enterprises. To date, it powers over 30,000 merchants across the country. Facebook Business Shop owners can link their stores to Sentro. This enables them to convert their stores from a marketing outlet to a full-fledged e-commerce store. Within minutes, Facebook Shop business owners can automatically accept payments, handle orders, and book deliveries through Sentro from their supercharged Facebook Shop.

UBX also has QLabs, a one-stop shop for web, mobile, and platforms design and development. It co-creates solutions for businesses, powered by a team equipped with full-stack development capabilities and end-to-end services. QLABs developed PERA HUB’s mobile application to implement their bills payment feature. This allows customers to use the PERA HUB application to pay bills to over 3000 merchants. UBX is the gateway to fintech in the Philippines.

With the uncertainties and challenges brought by the pandemic, one thing’s for sure – UBX continues to create digital platforms and marketplaces providing opportunity and access for digitally and financially underserved Filipino communities.

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UBX Sentro supercharges Facebook shops

Using Sentro, business owners can now transform their FB Shops from a mere marketing channel to a full-blown e-commerce store that can immediately accept payments, manage orders and book deliveries.

Sentro, UBX’s free online shopping platform with pre-integrated payment and logistics capabilities, has linked last March 12 with Facebook Shops, online stores that are accessible both on FB and Instagram.

Since it launched last April 2019, Sentro has been providing end-to-end e-commerce experience to over 30,000 Filipino SMEs.

Its built-in payment gateway enables merchants to accept payments via over-the-counter, online banking, E-wallets, and debit and credit cards.

With its integrated delivery services powered by Mr. Speedy, Sentro has claimed success in aiding businesses in the midst of this pandemic.

Using Sentro, business owners can now transform their FB Shops from a mere marketing channel to a full-blown e-commerce store that can immediately accept payments, manage orders and book deliveries.

“We had an unstructured ordering process where we capture them through various social media and chat channels, and it was getting too tiring to capture, track and update.” said Michael Lu, owner of Agrico, a Sentro and a Facebook Shop user.

“Sentro helped organize our orders. Now, accepting payments and booking deliveries is a breeze!” he added.

Sentro’s services are 100 percent free and are available for all Filipino small and medium enterprises.

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No business is left behind with Sentro: Committed to teching-up e-Businesses in the Philippines

Since its launch, UBX has always been true to its mission— to develop digital platforms and actively support MSMEs in growing their businesses. Now that the demand for technology is rising, UBX showed that amidst the pandemic, they are ready and prepared to aid businesses by opening up new opportunities through innovation and technology, and by helping businesses bounce back and achieve success throughout a crisis. One of their initiatives is Sentro.

Sentro, UBX’s Online Shop Builder, was launched last April 27, 2020, to provide a free platform for anyone who is looking to showcase their products online, have their own website, or just want to venture online.

With Sentro being the first and only e-commerce platform that is truly end-to-end in the Philippines, Sentro is making sure that there’s no business left behind. Now, merchants don’t need to worry about accepting cash payments and going cashless because it already has a pre-integrated payment gateway that offers multiple payment options like cash, over-the-counter, and other various online payment methods. Driven by its goal to continuously improve its features, Sentro partnered with MrSpeedy as its logistics partner, making it an all-in-one online shop builder where payments and deliveries are already taken care of.

Don’t get intimidated by Sentro’s technology. Merchants, who are transitioning into the digital space, need not be tech-savvy. In fact, building your own Sentro online shop requires zero to no tech experience. Now, all you need is a mobile device to use Sentro. You can manage your business at your fingertips and enjoy all of its features 100% free.

Since its launch, Sentro has helped over 30,000 Filipino SMEs and business owners to tech-up their businesses and has been truly exceptional in making businesses naka-Sentro literally and figuratively amid the pandemic.

The new normal

As we enter a new year, online shopping, food deliveries, and cashless transactions are just some of the new normal we have to embrace. Individuals, communities, and businesses are all learning new ways to connect, with in-person conferences gone virtual.

The majority of the Filipino MSMEs were brought to the realization that in order to survive such an adverse crisis, they must combat it with resilience. And with the current situation that our economy is in, digital transformation has become key to achieve business resilience.

This pandemic is still far from over, but Sentro is committed to supporting MSMEs in building their resilience and sustainability. Sentro is seasoned enough to be able to provide the digital platform to SMEs to ensure that their operations are continuous even when faced with business continuity challenges.

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UBX wins Best Digital Community Impact Initiative Southeast Asia 2020

A digital revolution is underway in the Filipino finance market, with fintech champion UBX leading the charge. UBX serves as the fintech arm of local giant Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank), operating as a separate entity to manage tech initiatives, build platforms and make investments in fintechs. The UBX moniker is a clever representation of that mission statement: UnionBank to the power of x. It creates opportunities through collaborative partnerships and the application of innovative technology. The UBX line-up features UnionBank-incubated solutions such as the i2i and platforms such as BUX, Sentro and SeekCap.

BUX is an embedded eCommerce platform helping to grease e-commerce wheels. Sentro provides tools to build online stores in minutes. Blockchain-based i2i targets underbanked rural populations by connecting them to financial institutions across the country. The breakthrough solution has enabled citizens in hard-to-reach areas to access the government’s Covid-19 stimulus payments.

As a fintech, UBX is not constrained by traditional banking regulations and encourages out-of-the-box thinking to incorporate financial services into B2B, logistics and financial services ecosystems. The tactic has been proven to boost financial inclusion and promote growth.

UBX launched QLabs, where a talented tech team with blockchain and full-stack development capabilities helps companies on their own digital transformation journeys embed financial services into their consumers’ daily lives.

UBX has just celebrated its first anniversary, and the CFI.co judging panel is pleased to add another candle to the cake. UBX wins the 2020 award for Best Digital Community Impact Initiative (Southeast Asia).

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